We are a capital markets services company, pushing the frontiers of technology to make regional markets more efficient

Muwazana is helping advance the global markets of tomorrow

We provide essential, reliable liquidity to exchanges, constantly offering prices on both sides for financial instruments, enhancing market efficiency, transparency, and stability for all participants.

Our activities are guided by years of expertise in financial, networking, and mathematical engineering, alongside an advanced analytics frameworks and network infrastructure.

Muwazana is well prepared to meet the evolving demands of a dynamic market

We utilize modern computational techniques and an advanced research infrastructure that processes large datasets, to maximize the efficiency of our proprietary trading algorithms.

Our systems are designed to continuously track conditions and opportunities in real time, allowing us to adapt to market dynamics by optimizing our signals and ensuring risk and compliance management.

We've built an advanced network architecture prioritizing security and dependability. Our network, supported by world-class hardware, is crafted to support our trading, research, and data science operations.

Our team combines deep sector expertise with a forward-thinking approach that encourages new ideas

01 Markets and Trading

Traders employ careful risk management and smart data analysis to adjust to market changes. They play a crucial role in developing and implementing these strategies, making quick decisions in real time. By utilizing advanced tools, they enhance our trading approaches and interactions with the market, while also automating tasks to improve operational efficiency.

02 Quantitative Research & Data Science

Quants play a crucial role in shaping Muwazana's trading strategies by using data science and math to spot market trends and test theories for systematic strategy use. They build complex algorithms and models with special tools and data to find market signals that can predict changes, and they improve these models for making trades in the market. Their job also involves looking at how trades affect the market and considering big economic factors to come up with well-adjusted strategies.

03 Infrastructure and Network Engineering

Engineers lead the way in innovation by developing and improving systems that support large-scale operations, focusing on making them more efficient, faster, and stronger. They create trading systems that deal with exchanges and manage risks, making sure these systems work reliably and almost in real time. They also take care of the trading setup, focusing on coordination and easy monitoring to handle the intricate needs of live trading.

04 Trading Operations and Risk Management

Professionals in trading operations are responsible for keeping our post-trade activities organized and efficient. They also make sure that our operations adhere to all relevant local regulations, laws, and market standards. Their main tasks include overseeing the firm's financial stability and strategic positioning.

05 Business Operations

The business operations team ensures that the moving parts of the operation are all running smoothly and in harmony.